Adobe AD0-E117 Adobe Experience Manager Architect Master Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An existing AEM sites platform will receive the latest service pack. The service pack includes functional and non-functional fixes such as security patches. Which action should the Architect take to make sure the update is successful?

Question 2

A customer wants to simplify and automate publishing press pages and defines the following flows:

What should the Architect recommend?

Question 3

A client using AEM 6.5 on-premise is experiencing an unsustainable repository growth of 100Gb a day. After investigation, an Architect finds out that the DAM is causing this issue. Each image uploaded to the DAM triggers the creation of approximately 100 renditions, necessary by business to consume in different channels and systems. The client also complains about stale content reported by site visitors happening randomly in pages where article-related components are present.

How should the Architect address these issues?

Question 4

During development the AEM Publisher server keeps crashing randomly. The deployment included a new static FAQ component that was used in the websites Contact Us page. An Architect investigates to find the root cause for the random failures, and notices the following parameters:

* The server slows down when requests are sent to the Contact us page

* The number of requests to the page were very few

* Heap dump shows a large number of instances of the FAQ component

What is likely causing this issue?

Question 5

An AEM Architect is moving existing content from an on-premise AEM to an AEM Cloud Service instance using the Content Transfer Tool. As part of the initial source preparation, the Architect is going to run the offline compaction on the on-premise AEM.

What other two actions should the Architect do to the on-premise AEM before proceeding with the extraction phase? (Choose two.)

Question 6

Refer to the exhibit.

A customer with an existing AEM implementation wants to enrich product pages with technical data coming from their PIM system. The PIM system sits behind an API Management solution that publicly exposes the PIM API's as RESTful web services with basic authentication as the security mechanism. Data consistency with the PIM and secure access to the APIs are key elements of the integration.

How should the Architect set up the integration between AEM and the PIM?

Question 7

A client has an existing AEM site using components that proxy AEM WCM Core Components. The site uses simple page authoring without referenced content, The client wants to create a new experience on another marketing channel. The plan is to use as much of the existing page content as possible to avoid refactoring the current content and to maintain consistency across channels.

Which AEM capability should an Architect use to meet these requirements?

Answer : A

According to Adobe Experience Manager documentation, experience fragments are reusable pieces of content that can be used across different channels such as web pages, mobile apps, social media, etc. They allow authors to create consistent experiences without refactoring the existing content or creating duplicate content.

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