Adobe AD0-E559 Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Expert Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Aya has finished building a webinar program in Adobe Marketo Engage and connected it to a Launchpoint partner. Webinar registration is being handled by an Adobe Marketo Engage landing page. During the quality assurance process, she visited the landing page and registered for the webinar for the first time, however, a confirmation email was not sent.

What are two places to troubleshoot? (Choose two.)

Question 2

Rocky is in the process of sending an email from Adobe Marketo Engage for the first time.

What two QA (quality assurance checks) would he perform on the email before it is launched? (Choose two.)

Question 3

Sally has built a webinar program, which she is due to launch in a few days. She has started to QA (quality assurance check) the program to ensure that the {{member.webinar url}} token is working correctly.

In what two ways can Sally test the confirmation email? (Choose two.)

Question 4

An Adobe Marketo Engage expert works for Desserts4You and has created a segmentation to help with email campaigns.

Dynamic content is being used in the email blast and is segmented based on dessert preferences. Specific messaging has been created for each dessert segment.

There are three records in the database. Miri likes apple pie and sticky toffee pudding. Jacinda likes tiramisu and apple pie. Indira likes sticky toffee pudding.

What message will each person receive?

Question 5

Sally is the Head of Marketing Operations at a Global Tech company. She has noticed that the quantity of marketing emails being sent in a week is not being managed according to the guidelines set out in the playbook.

Sally would like to use the controls available in their Adobe Marketo Engage instance to ensure she can stop any over-communication by the Marketing Team across all regions at a global level.

Which option would be done in this scenario?

Question 6

An Adobe Marketo Engage user is setting up an event program, so she is creating a landing page with a registration form. She wants existing customers and new leads to land on a different thank you page after submitting the form, so she adds the field 'Is Customer' as a hidden field to the form.

Why is this field required on the form?

Question 7

Rishi has identified a particular person that Adobe Marketo Engage consistently and repeatedly excludes from email sends. This issue persists even when the person qualifies for the smart list, even when Rishi marks the email operational, and even when Rishi turns off communication limits.

What are two fields on the persons record that have the power to prevent email sends to this extent? (Choose two.)

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