Alibaba ACA Developer Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Alibaba Cloud Log Service is a Pay-As-You-Go service. The billing unit is 7 day, and the configuration can be adjusted at any time: fees are charged according to actual usage. Which of the following are the main charges for Log Service? (Number of correct answers: 3)

Answer : A, B, C

Question 2

Which of the following database connection methods does ApsaraDB for Redis support? (Number of correct answers: 2)

Answer : C, D

Question 3

Which of the following OSS tools are GUI-based? (Number of correct answers:2)

Answer : B, D

Question 4

Which of the following programming languages are supported by the Alibaba Cloud SDK? (Number of correct answers: 3)

Answer : A, C, D

Question 5

A company has some new content that needs to be promoted (such as new features, new activities, new games, or new articles). In order to achieve the overall promotion goal, the operating staff will select various channels for promotion (including standard HTML/HTML5 (desktop), iOS, and Android). You are using Alibaba Cloud's Log Service: in order to ascertain the effectiveness of content promotion accurately and in real time, which log collection method should you use, as a developer?

Answer : A

Question 6

CloudMonitor's "Event Monitoring" feature provides you with event reporting, query, and alarm functions, Score 2 so that you can collect metrics on your running Alibaba Cloud systems, and receive alerts when something goes wrong. Which of these is NOT a correct description of the monitoring event types supported by CloudMonitor?

Answer : C

Question 7

When you use SQL statements to access tables in a database without an index configured, a full table scan will be performed. If a table contains a large amount of data, this kind of scan will access a large amount of data and consume a lot of the database's resources. Which of the following options are best practices when creating database indexes? (Number of correct answers: 3)

Answer : A, B, D

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Total 95 questions