AMA Professional Certified Marketer Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which of the following stages of a product life cycle attracts laggards?

Answer : E

Question 2

The profit earned by a product is at its lowest during the _____ stage of the product life cycle.

Answer : A

Question 3

Rudolf Freer Inc., an automobiles manufacturer, decides to create an all-weather golf cart. The decision is stimulated by the increasing popularity of snow-golfing. The R&D team of Rudolf develop a working model of the golf cart and simulate different weather conditions in the lab to see how the golf cart holds up. The golf cart is currently in the stage of _____.

Answer : A

Question 4

Donner Inc. manufactures a new vacuum cleaner that it claims can actively disinfect areas from bacteria and viruses, along with dust and dust mites. Whitwell Technologies, Donner's competitor, is fascinated with the idea but does not want to license technology from Donner Inc. Instead, the R&D team at Whitwell take apart Donner's vacuum cleaner to understand how it works. Whitwell improves on the technology and manufactures a vacuum cleaner that it claims to be better at disinfecting areas from bacteria and viruses than other competitors. Which of the following is illustrated in the scenario?

Answer : A

Question 5

Filz, a consumer electronics manufacturer, wants to produce a new line of eco-friendly ACs to tap into the segment of customers who make environmentally conscious decisions. It asks the R&D team to come up with a suitable technology to facilitate the production of eco-friendly ACs. Which of the following stages of product development has be exemplified in this scenario?

Answer : B

Question 6

Venus Inc., an American firm, enters into the Chinese market in association with its local partner, Xy Inc. According to the terms of the contract, the firms agreed to share profits and control, and also pool resources. Moreover, the firms also agreed to share financial burdens as well. This scenario is an example of _____.

Answer : C

Question 7

Which of the following is true of a strategic alliance?

Answer : E

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