Amazon ANS-C00 AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An organization has ordered a new AWS Direct Connect connection. The AWS Management Console reports that the connection is available and BGP status is up. However, the networking team is not able to reach instances in the VPC using ping on the organization's private IP address

What could cause this connectivity issue? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, D

Question 2

A company has a hybrid IT architecture with two AWS Direct Connect connections to provide high availability. The services hosted on-premises are accessible using public IPs, and are also on the range. The AWS resources are on the range. The company wants to use Amazon Elastic Load Balancing for SSL offloading, health checks, and sticky sessions.

What should be done to meet these requirements?

Answer : D

Question 3

A company wants to use thin clients running virtual desktops to replace 500 desktop computers used by its call center employees The company is evaluating Amazon Workspaces as a solution

A network engineer who is testing with a thin client is unable to conned to Amazon Workspaces After entering credentials the network engineer receives the following error:

"An error occurred while launching your Workspace Please try again"

What should the network engineer do to resolve this issue?

Answer : C

Question 4

A company is deploying a critical application on two Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC Failed client connections to the EC2 instances must be logged according to company policy.

What is the MOST cost-effective solution to meet these requirements'?

Answer : D

Question 5

A company uses an AWS Site-to-Site VPN to connect its corporate network The company recently added an AWS Direct Connect connection A network engineer wants all traffic to use the Direct Connect connection and for the VPN to be used as backup However after the Direct Connect connection was added traffic continued to pass through the VPN connection

What should the network engineer do to route the traffic through the Direct Connect connection'?

Answer : C

Question 6

A company has an application running on Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC The application must publish custom metrics to Amazon CloudWatch in the same AWS Region The metrics include proprietary information All connectivity must be over private IP addresses.

Which solution will meet these requirements'?

Answer : D

Question 7

A company uses an Application Load Balancer (ALB) to provide access to a multi-tenant web application for 25 customers The company creates a unique hostname for each customer to use to access the application Hostnames use the format customer-name

Each customer has a dedicated group of Amazon EC2 instances that run their own version of the web application. When a customer visits customer-name example com, the ALB should route the request to the correct group of EC2 instances The company requires a highly available solution that is easy to maintain

Which solution meets these requirements at the LOWEST cost?

Answer : A

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Total 134 questions