Amazon DBS-C01 AWS Certified Database - Specialty Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A company's ecommerce website uses Amazon DynamoDB for purchase orders. Each order is made up of a Customer ID and an Order ID. The DynamoDB table uses the Customer ID as the partition key and the Order ID as the sort key.

To meet a new requirement, the company also wants the ability to query the table by using a third attribute named Invoice ID. Queries using the Invoice ID must be strongly consistent. A database specialist must provide this capability with optimal performance and minimal overhead.

What should the database administrator do to meet these requirements?

Answer : C

Question 2

A company wants to migrate its on-premises MySQL databases to Amazon RDS for MySQL. To comply with the company's security policy, all databases must be encrypted at rest. RDS DB instance snapshots must also be shared across various accounts to provision testing and staging environments.

Which solution meets these requirements?

Answer : A

Question 3

A retail company manages a web application that stores data in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The company is undergoing account consolidation efforts. A database engineer needs to migrate the DynamoDB table from the current AWS account to a new AWS account.

Which strategy meets these requirements with the LEAST amount of administrative work?

Answer : C

Question 4

A company uses the Amazon DynamoDB table contractDB in us-east-1 for its contract system with the following schema:

orderID (primary key) timestamp (sort key) contract (map) createdBy (string) customerEmail (string)

After a problem in production, the operations team has asked a database specialist to provide an IAM policy to read items from the database to debug the application. In addition, the developer is not allowed to access the value of the customerEmail field to stay compliant.

Which IAM policy should the database specialist use to achieve these requirements?





Answer : A

Question 5

A company has an application that uses an Amazon DynamoDB table to store user dat

a. Every morning, a single-threaded process calls the DynamoDB API Scan operation to scan the entire table and generate a critical start-of-day report for management. A successful marketing campaign recently doubled the number of items in the table, and now the process takes too long to run and the report is not generated in time.

A database specialist needs to improve the performance of the process. The database specialist notes that, when the process is running, 15% of the table's provisioned read capacity units (RCUs) are being used.

What should the database specialist do?

Answer : B

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Total 145 questions