Amazon DOP-C01 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A company uses AWS Organizations lo manage multiple accounts. Information security policies require that all unencrypted Amazon EBS volumes be marked as non-compliant. A DevOps engineer needs to automatically deploy the solution and ensure that this compliance check is always present.

Which solution will accomplish this?

Answer : A

Question 2

A DevOps engineer needs to back up sensitive Amazon S3 objects that are stored within an S3 bucket with a private bucket policy using S3 cross-Region replication functionality. The objects need to be copied to a target bucket In a different AWS Region and account.

Which combination of actions should be performed to enable this replication? (Select THREE.)

Answer : B, E

Question 3

A company develops and maintains a web application using Amazon EC2 instances and an Amazon RDS for SQL Server DB instance in a single Availability Zone The resources need to run only when new deployments are being tested using AWS CodePipeline. Testing occurs one or more times a week and each test takes 2-3 hours to run. A DovOps engineer wants a solution that does not change the architecture components.

Which solution will meet these requirements in the MOST cost-effective manner?

Answer : A

Question 4

A company requires its internal business teams to launch resources through pre-approved AWS CloudFormation templates only. The security team requires automated monitoring when resources drift from their expected state.

Which strategy should be used to meet these requirements?

Answer : B

Question 5

A DevOps engineer is currently running a container-based workload on-premises The engineer wants to move the application to AWS, but needs to keep the on-premises solution active because not all APIs will move at the same time. The traffic between AWS and the on-premises network should be secure and encrypted at all times. Low management overload is also a requirement.

Which combination of actions will meet these criteria? (Select THREE.)

Answer : B, D, F

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Total 270 questions