Amazon DOP-C01 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A DevOps engineer is currently running a container-based workload on-premises The engineer wants to move the application to AWS, but needs to keep the on-premises solution active because not all APIs will move at the same time. The traffic between AWS and the on-premises network should be secure and encrypted at all times. Low management overload is also a requirement.

Which combination of actions will meet these criteria? (Select THREE.)

Answer : B, D, F

Question 2

A company requires its internal business teams to launch resources through pre-approved AWS CloudFormation templates only. The security team requires automated monitoring when resources drift from their expected state.

Which strategy should be used to meet these requirements?

Answer : B

Question 3

A company develops and maintains a web application using Amazon EC2 instances and an Amazon RDS for SQL Server DB instance in a single Availability Zone The resources need to run only when new deployments are being tested using AWS CodePipeline. Testing occurs one or more times a week and each test takes 2-3 hours to run. A DovOps engineer wants a solution that does not change the architecture components.

Which solution will meet these requirements in the MOST cost-effective manner?

Answer : A

Question 4

A DevOps engineer needs to back up sensitive Amazon S3 objects that are stored within an S3 bucket with a private bucket policy using S3 cross-Region replication functionality. The objects need to be copied to a target bucket In a different AWS Region and account.

Which combination of actions should be performed to enable this replication? (Select THREE.)

Answer : B, E

Question 5

A company uses AWS Organizations lo manage multiple accounts. Information security policies require that all unencrypted Amazon EBS volumes be marked as non-compliant. A DevOps engineer needs to automatically deploy the solution and ensure that this compliance check is always present.

Which solution will accomplish this?

Answer : A

Question 6

A DevOps engineer is assisting with a multi-Region disaster recovery solution for a new application. The application consists of Amazon EC2 instances running in an Auto Scaling group and an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster. The application must be available with an RTO of 120 minutes and an RPO of 60 minutes.

What is the MOST cost-effective way to meet these requirements?

Answer : D

Question 7

A DevOps engineer notices that all Amazon EC2 instances running behind an Application Load Balancer in an Auto Scaling group are failing to respond to user requests. The EC2 instances are also failing target group HTTP health checks.

Upon inspection, the engineer notices the application process was not running in any EC2 instances. There are a significant number of out of memory messages in the system logs. The engineer needs to improve the resilience of the application to cope with a potential application memory leak. Monitoring and notifications should be enabled to alert when there is an issue.

Which combination of actions will meet these requirements? {Select TWO.)

Answer : B, E

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Total 270 questions