Amazon PAS-C01 AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A financial services company is implementing SAP core banking on AWS. The company must not allow any system information to traverse the public internet. The company needs to implement secure monitoring of its SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECO system to check for performance issues and faults in its application. The solution must maximize security and must be supported by SAP and AWS.

How should be company integrate AWS metrics with its SAP system to meet these requirements?

Answer : C

VPC endpoints to ensure that traffic to and from the CloudWatch and EC2 services stays within the VPC. Additionally, an IAM policy is created to grant access to only the necessary actions, such as DescribeInstances and GetMetricStatistics, for all EC2 resources. This approach will provide secure monitoring of the SAP system while maximizing security and ensuring support from both SAP and AWS.

Question 2

A company runs its SAP ERP 6 0 EHP 8 system on SAP HANAon AWS The system is deployed on an r4 I6xlarge Amazon EC2 instance with default tenancy. The company needs to migrate the SAP HANA database to an x2gd/.6xiarge High Memory instance After an operations engineer changes the instance type and starts the instance the AWS Management Console shows a failed instance status check

What is the cause of this problem?

Answer : C

The Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) is a software-based network interface that provides high-performance network connectivity and is required for instances with higher network performance requirements. If the ENA drivers are not installed before changing the instance type, the instance will not be able to communicate with the network, resulting in a failed instance status check.

C is correct because installing Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) drivers before changing the instance type is required to support High Memory instances. ENA drivers provide enhanced networking capabilities for EC2 instances. The other options are not relevant or necessary for migrating SAP HANA database to a High Memory instance. Reference:

Question 3

A company wants to migrate its SAP S/4HANA software from on premises to AWS in a few weeks An SAP solutions architect plans to use AWS Launch Wizard for SAP to automate me SAP deployment on AWS

Which combination of steps must the SAP solutions architect take to use Launch Wizard to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

Answer : A, C

A is correct because downloading the SAP software files from the SAP Support Portal and uploading them to Amazon S3 is required to provide Launch Wizard with access to the software files. C is correct because formatting the S3 file path syntax according to Launch Wizard deployment recommendation is required to ensure that Launch Wizard can locate and download the software files correctly. The other options are not correct or necessary for using Launch Wizard to deploy SAP S/4HANA software on AWS. Reference:

Question 4

A company wants to migrate its SAP landscape from on premises to AWS

What are the MINIMUM requirements that the company must meet to ensure full support of SAP on AWS? (Select THREE.)

Question 5

A company is migrating its SAP workloads to AWS The company's IT team installs a highly available SAP S.4HANA system that uses the SAP HANA system replication cluster package on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The IT team deploys the system by using cluster nodes m different Availability Zones within the same AWS Region.

After the initial launch of the SAP application the application is accessible However after failover the IT team cannot access the application even though the system is up and running on the secondary node After investigation an SAP solutions architect discovers that the virtual IP address has not been used correctly

Which combination of steps should the SAP solutions architect take to resolve this problem? (Select TWO.)

Answer : C, E

Question 6

A company is planning to move its on-premises SAP HANA database to AWS. The company needs to migrate this environment to AWS as quickly as possible An SAP solutions architect will use AWS Launch Wizard for SAP to deploy this SAP HANA workload.

Which combination of steps should the SAP solutions architect follow to start the deployment of this workload on AWS? (Select THREE.)

Question 7

A company wants to deploy an SAP HANA database on AWS by using AWS Launch Wizard for SAP An SAP solutions architect needs to run a custom post-deployment script on the Amazon EC2 instance that Launch Wizard provisions.

Which actions can the SAP solutions architect take to provide the post-deployment script m the Launch Wizard console? (Select TWO.)

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