Amazon SOA-C02 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A webpage is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). Configure the SS bucket to serve a static error page in the event of a failure at the primary site.

1. Use the us-east-2 Region for all resources.

2. Unless specified below, use the default configuration settings.

3. There is an existing hosted zone named lab- that contains an A record with a simple routing policy that routes traffic to an existing ALB.

4. Configure the existing S3 bucket named as a static hosted website using the object named index.html as the index document

5. For the index-html object, configure the S3 ACL to allow for public read access. Ensure public access to the S3 bucketjs allowed.

6. In Amazon Route 53, change the A record for domain to a primary record for a failover routing policy. Configure the record so that it evaluates the health of the ALB to determine failover.

7. Create a new secondary failover alias record for the domain that routes traffic to the existing 53 bucket.

Answer : A

Question 2

A company's SysOps administrator regularly checks the AWS Personal Health Dashboard in each of the company's accounts. The accounts are part of an organization in AWS Organizations. The company recently added 10 more accounts to the organization. The SysOps administrator must consolidate the alerts from each account's Personal Health Dashboard.

Which solution will meet this requirement with the LEAST amount of effort?

Answer : A

Enabling the organizational view in AWS Health will allow the SysOps administrator to consolidate the alerts from each account's Personal Health Dashboard. It will also provide the administrator with a single view of all the accounts in the organization, allowing them to easily monitor the health of all the accounts in the organization.

Question 3

A company's reporting job that used to run in 15 minutes is now taking an hour to run. An application generates the reports. The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances and extracts data from an Amazon RDS for MySQL database.

A SysOps administrator checks the Amazon CloudWatch dashboard for the RDS instance and notices that the Read IOPS metrics are high, even when the reports are not running. The SysOps administrator needs to improve the performance and the availability of the RDS instance.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer : B

Using an RDS read replica will improve the performance and availability of the RDS instance by offloading read queries to the replica. This will also ensure that the reporting job completes in a timely manner and does not affect the performance of other queries that might be running on the RDS instance. Additionally, updating the reporting job to query the reader endpoint will ensure that all read queries are directed to the read replica.

Question 4

A SysOps administrator receives an alert from Amazon GuardDuty about suspicious network activity on an Amazon EC2 instance. The GuardDuty finding lists a new external IP address as a traffic destination. The SysOps administrator does not recognize the external IP address. The SysOps administrator must block traffic to the external IP address that GuardDuty identified.

Which solution will meet this requirement?

Question 5

A company recently purchased Savings Plans. The company wants to receive email notification when the company's utilization drops below 90% for a given day.

Which solution will meet this requirement?

Answer : D

AWS Budgets can be used to create a Savings Plans budget and track the daily utilization of the company's Savings Plans. By creating a budget, it will trigger an action when the utilization drops below 90%, which in this case will be to send an email notification via an Amazon SNS topic. This will ensure that the company is notified when their Savings Plans utilization drops below 90%, allowing them to take action if necessary.

Question 6

A SysOps administrator has Nocked public access to all company Amazon S3 buckets. The SysOps administrator wants to be notified when an S3 bucket becomes publicly readable in the future.

What is the MOST operationally efficient way to meet this requirement?

Answer : D

Question 7

A SysOps administrator configuring AWS Client VPN to connect use's on a corporate network to AWS resources mat are running in a VPC According to compliance requirements, only traffic that is destined for the VPC can travel across the VPN tunnel.

How should the SysOps administrator configure Client VPN to meet these requirements?

Answer : C

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