Android AND-802 Android Security Essentials Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

If you want to configure your app to receive an intent from another app, you should open AndroidManifest.xml file in your app, and then add ........................................ including the name and category which will be used in the second app's configuration.

Answer : A

Question 2

Assume that you have two apps signed with the same certificate and you want them to share access to each other's data. The manifest file in the first app is illustrated in the following image. It has shartedUserId =''com.sharedID.example'' .

Which of the following choices is the value of the shartedUserId in the second app?

Answer : A

Question 3

Your app receives location updates from NETWORK_PROVIDER or from GPS_PROVIDER. If your app receives location information from either of these location provider sources, you need to declare that the app uses these hardware features in your app manifest. Which of the following tags gives the location information to your app?

Answer : C

Question 4

Complete the following blank area with one of the following choices:

You can register your app with ''Android Backup Service'' at:

Answer : B

Question 5

Which of the following choices are considered as principles of data security? (Select three)

Answer : A, B, C

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Total 45 questions