APICS Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain Exam Practice Test

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Question 1
Question 2

A firm wants to update its supply chain network design to enable auto re-sizing based on changes in product flow within the network. This update will place the firm at what stage in the Capability

Maturity Model within Supply Network Design?

Answer : D

Question 3
Question 4

As a key performance indicator (KPI) for process governance, the capacity indicator measures the:

Question 5

What type of risk considers the possibility of a failure of inbound materials that renders a provider unable to meet customer demand within anticipated costs, within a stated time frame, or in a way

that does not cause threats to customer safety?

Question 6

Many of the business risks associated with digital supply chain arising from data complexity, cybersecurity, and data protection can be comprehensively addressed by:

Answer : B

Question 7
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