ASTQB ISTQB Advanced Level Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Select the correct statement(s). According to the ISTQB Syllabus;

I . Unauthorized access & copying, buffer overflow, logic bombs are part of Technical Security Testing.

II . Fallback, backup and restore activities are part of recoverability testing.

III . Verifying whether a system can handle peak loads at or above maximum capacity is called stress testing.

IV . Verifying whether a system can "meet future efficiency requirements" is called scalability testing

Answer : D

Question 2

A Software Test Analyst at ABC company. received a new software release and the installation guide from Development. He followed the installation guide and successfully installed the software. Then he followed the fallback instructions and performed a successful fallback. After verifying that the software has completely fallen back as desired, he re-installed the software. What type of testing activity did he do?

Answer : A

Question 3

Which of the following statements are correct?

I . IEEE 1028 is an international standard on reviews.

II . Early reviews are very cost effective in finding defects.

III . Review is considered a static testing

IV . Most documents can be reviewed (source code, requirements document, test plan document)

Answer : C

Question 4

You are a test analyst for XYZ Company. CEO of XYZ sent a meeting entry to you and your manager for a past project evidence and test deliverables review. A person from an external company would like to interview you regarding the previous project. This activity has a very high visibility from upper management. What type of review is described above?

Answer : C

Question 5

What type of a review meeting is described below?

"You were invited to attend a meeting next week. Meeting moderator included set of metrics and a document to be reviewed along with the meeting agenda. One of the meeting agendas is to find defects in the document sent. You and the other attendees were asked to review the document prior to the meeting".

Answer : B

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Total 82 questions