BCS BAP18 BCS Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 2018 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A business analyst working for a manufacturing company has been asked to support a new initiative to review and redesign the company's

Process, enabling it is increase its production and expand into overseas markets. He is working in a team of business analytics and has been asked to do the following:

a) Assist in the evaluation of the benefits defined in the benefits plan

b) Lead requirements elicitation and clarification activities

c) Deliver coaching, training and ongoing support for any changes to existing processes.

Once the business analyst has completed these activities, which parts of the Business Change lifecycle will he have supported-?

Answer : D

Question 2

Nastya is the CEO of a large technology firm, which develops new and innvolvative nanotechnology. Below is an email she has sent to her management team:

Dear Team,

Recent media coverage has revealed that our competitors have lower costs. It is important that we get back to our suppliers to see il they can secure a better component pnce for the next version of our NanoVac range Let's also consider the energy costs of our labs, I'm mindful that costs are rising due to investment in renewable power-1 want us to negotiate with our energy supplier to get a better deal.

I've also been reading reports on social responsibility and sustainability and I'd like a lull review of the biodegradability of the packaging of all our products- we don't want media attention for being a technology company that wastes natural resources.

Our employment regulations also need revisiting as there have been changes to pension rules and paternity/maternity rights for workers and I want us to be aware of these

Finally, regarding the staff conference I want to launch a new staff development programme, which aims to identify and develop the rising stars in our business People development should be a key priority in our next annual plan.

Thanks. Nastya."

Which elements of PESTLE are identified in this email?

Answer : A

Question 3

Paula is a business analyst working for a small bespoke furniture manufacturing company. The newly appointed chief executive, Beverly, has asked Paula to lead an initiative to refresh and restate (where necessary) the organization's plan for the next financial year. Paula recently led a planning worksope with senior managers and has made the following notes about issues raised in the worshop:

The company....

a) Aims to supply 10% of the local bespoke furniture market by the end of the financial year.

b) Will Invest In local radio advertising and appoint a creative team to develop an appropriate advertisement

c) Will await the final draft of the annual accounts before considering investing in a new range of high-tech chairs.

d) Will adopt new 3D printing technologies to gain an advantage when quoting for bespoke furniture designs

e) Recognises that bespoke furniture will always be more expensive than mass-produced, standard furniture

Which of these notes will go into her MOST analysis?

Answer : B

Question 4

An overseas bank is currently undertaking a feasibility study looking into the possible launch of a new bank in the UK.

Preliminary findings suggest that the market is saturated, customers have a lot of choice and UK legislation makes It easy for them to from one bank to another.

In which area of Porter's Five Forces model would these preliminary findings be documented?

Answer : B

Question 5

The management of a chain of hotels has decided that one of its Critical Success Factors (CSF) is to provide excellent customer service'. The following measures have been suggested:

a) The number of customers who make use of their m-room mini bar

b) The percentage of customers who use the leisure facilities

c) The number of customers who complain.

d) The percentage of customers who join the hotel loyalty scheme

e) The percentage of customers who return

Which of these are appropriate Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for the GSF 'provide excellent customer service?

Answer : A

Question 6

A company is reviewing its critical success factors and key performance indicators So far. it has key performance indicators for the following:

* The time to deliver orders for products

* Consumer satisfaction with products.

* Wastage in product production.

* The qualifications of production employees

Which area of Kaplan and Norton's balanced business scorecard has NOT been considered?

Answer : B

Question 7

Elizabenth is an external consultant who is helping a company streamline its process. She has not worked for this company before.

The managing director (MD) has explained that some of the line managers feel that this work is unnecessary, whilst others are concerned that their staff will be made redundant as a result of her recommendations. He is keen for Elizabeth to get an understanding Elizabeth with an of organization staff and for the involve line manager in formulating potential improvements. The MD has provided Elizabeth with an organizational chart, detailing the business areas she needs to investigate, as well as the names of the line managers involved.

To understand the concerns of operational staff and line managers, which pair of techniques SHOULD she use first?

Answer : D

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