BCS ISEB-SWTINT1 BCS Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing ISEB Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which of the following is MOST characteristic of specification based (black-box) techniques?

Answer : C

Question 2

Which of the following is a MAJOR task of test implementation and execution?

Answer : B

Question 3

Given the following state transition diagram

Which of the following series of state transitions contains an INVALID transition which may indicate a fault in the system design?

Answer : C

Question 4

What determines the level of risk?

Answer : D

Question 5

What is beta testing?

Answer : B

Question 6

A thermometer measures temperature in whole degrees only.

If the temperature falls below 18 degrees, the heating is switched off. It is switched on again when the temperature reaches 21 degrees.

What are the best values in degrees to cover all equivalence partitions?

Answer : A

Question 7

Some tools are geared more for developer use. For the 5 tools listed, which statement BEST details those for developers.

Answer : B

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Total 43 questions