CIMAPRA17-BA2-1 BA2 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of useful operational level information?

Answer : C

Question 2

A company uses an integrated accounting system. The following data relate to the latest period.

At the end of the period, the entry in the production overhead control account in respect of under or over absorbed overheads will be:

Answer : A

Question 3

According to CIMA's Code of Ethics, CIMA members should not allow bias, conflict of interest of the influence of other people to override their professional judgement.

This is an example of:

Answer : A

Question 4

The budget and actual cost statements for the production department for the latest period were as follows.


The 10% increase in production was required to meet unexpected additional sales demand.

The production manager is responsible for negotiating the price of materials with suppliers.

The normal working time is 900 hours per period. Any overtime worked above these 900 hours is paid at a premium of 50%.

In preparing the flexible budget for the latest period, which TWO of the following statements are correct? (Choose two.)

Answer : D, E

Question 5

A company is appraising two projects. Both projects are for five years. Details of the two projects are as follows.

Based on the above information, which of the following statements is correct?

Answer : A

Question 6

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) stated that it was important that ''accountants in business'' should understand what the drivers of stakeholder value are. Which of the following statements is valid?

Answer : D

Question 7

Which of the following is a valid definition of a cash budget?

Answer : C

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Total 382 questions