CIMAPRA19-E03-1 E3 Strategic Management Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Company Y is a global business selling a selection of technological items including phones, laptops and other computer related items. In addition Y sells accessory items, music downloads, apps: digital books and video downloads including films and television series through a cooperative partnership with other companies, designed to create value for the customer.

Which of the following terms best describes what Y has created?

Answer : D

Question 2

Irvine and Martin presented the advantages of Foresight as the 5Cs. Which of the following are correct aspects of the 5Cs as defined by Irvine and Mart in? Select ALL that apply.

Answer : A, D, F

Question 3

WXY has been criticised by an activist shareholder for a lack of clarity in its formulation and implementation of strategy.

The activist shareholder states that WXY is confused as to the different levels of strategy and it has pointed to examples of inappropriate levels of management being held responsible for strategies that they do not control

WXY has decided to use the categories, Corporate, Business and Functional to clarify its strategic processes.

Which of the following are Corporate strategies?

Select ALL that apply.

Answer : B, C, E

Question 4

YC is a government funded hospital specialising in degenerative hearing conditions YC is renowned for it's pioneering work resolving chronic ear problems and has, in the last year, conducted a record number of operations and achieved high levels of success. The excellent reputation of YC has led to high demand and a considerable strain on resources

Although last year the average cost per patient fell, and success rates far exceeded targets, overall spend increased significantly. YC hospital is expected to provide value for money (VFM). Which aspect of VFM has YC NOT managed to achieve in the last year?

Answer : C

Question 5

G sells technology-based wristbands that detect the duration and quality of an individual's sleep G's wristbands are available for sale through G's website only. Also on the website, G offers for sale sleepwear supplied by partner company. H. H pays G 10% of the sales revenue, when sales of its products are made through the G website Additionally, G allows a pillow company, D, to advertise on the G website for a small fee each month It does not facilitate sales of D's pillows through the G website.

Which of the following correctly identifies the three revenue models that G achieves through its website'?

Answer : B

Question 6

H is a small 18-hole golf club owned by sisters F and R It offers a bar. a small shop that sells basic equipment and a professional golfer providing golf lessons to members for an additional fee.

Membership numbers have fallen, putting significant pressure on cash flow Last year the sisters had to each invest $20,000 to prevent the golf club from going out of business. The key priority for them in the short term is to increase H's membership numbers.

Which TWO of the following strategies would be feasible for H?

Answer : B, D

Question 7

Which TWO of the following benefits could be achieved through the use of Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Reporting?

Answer : A, E

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