CIMAPRA19-P03-1 P3 Risk Management (Online) Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

TDC is a company which runs gas-fired power stations in western Europe. The Risk Committee has just received a report that a power station built to the same design and specification in a developing country has recently collapsed. The causes of the collapse are unclear but the consequences for TDC would be catastrophic if something similar were to happen in Europe

Which of the following actions being considered by the Risk Committee are ethical?

Select ALL that apply

Answer : A, B, C

Question 2

C is an accounts clerKwho is supposed to sign each invoice as evidence that she has conducted checks against supporting documents Sometimes C signs invoices without making these checks

D is a member of the internal audit team He has been told to conduct compliance tests on whether C is checking the invoices property

Which of the following would grve D a false sense of assurance that C's checks have been in operation?

Select ALL that appry

Answer : B, C, D

Question 3

HWG is a large company which grows and processes coffee The coffee is sold to supermarkets, branded with their names for sale as "own brand" products HWG brands and packages the coffee using the supermarkets' own designs

HWG's directors are considering a strategic proposal to develop a range of coffees to be sold under a brand that HWG will develop

Which TWO of the following should the directors consider as part of their strategic analysis?

Answer : B, C

Question 4

JC is a car manufacturing company in country C and manufactures diesel cars It is facing a number of serious risks Which TWO of the following nsk factors are external?

Answer : B, D

Question 5

The Board of Directors of VCX, a state-owned electricity company, includes four executive directors the Chief Executive Officer, the Finance Director the Operation Director and the Technical Director

All of the shares in the company vest in the Office of the Minister for Energy, who is entitled to appoint two non-executive directors to the Board It has been alleged that the Minister appoints political "insiders" who have no particular knowledge of. or interest in. the electricity industry

There are three further non-executive directors

* L, who spent seven years as Chief Executive of VCX, but retired from that role two years ago,

* M, who spent several years on the Board of a state electricity company in a different country to VCX but who resigned from it before accepting the position with VCX: and

* N, who is a qualified and experienced professional accountant

In relation to best practice in respect of Corporate Governance, which of the following statements are valid? Select ALL that apply

Answer : A, D, F

Question 6

You are the management accountant for YY a food manufacturing company with an annual sales revenue of $6 million

You discover that the production manager's records are inconsistent Raw materials purchased do not agree with the total recorded for transfers to production plus wastage There is an average shortfall of 2% of purchases

You have investigated and discovered that there are often errors made during manufacturing that results in food that is safe to eat but. because of visual flaws, cannot be sold

The production manager is supposed to scrap all such damaged products and write all such losses off as waste You have discovered however that he has been giving the damaged food to a charity that assists homeless people No records are made of such gifts in order to conceal the losses due to manufacturing errors

Which of the following actions should you take? Select ALL that apply

Answer : A, C, E

Question 7

Which of the following is the major advantage of Cloud storage for an enterprise?

Answer : C

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