CIMAPRO19-P02-1 P2 Advanced Management Accounting Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A company is considering investing $680,000 in a machine to manufacture a new product. A consultant has been appointed to advise on the investment and the company is committed to paying $10,000 to the consultant in year 1, even if the project does not go ahead.

300,000 units of the new product will be produced and sold each year. Unit cost and revenue information based on this level of output is as follows.

60% of the overhead cost is variable. Of the remainder, 10% consists of allocated head office overheads.

The selling price will increase by 2% each year in line with inflation, beginning in year 2. Fixed price contracts mean that all unit costs will remain unaltered.

Taxation information:

* 100% first year allowance will be available for the purchase of the machinery.

* The taxation rate is 30% of taxable profits, payable in the year after that in which the liability arises.

For the purpose of deciding whether to proceed with the investment, what is the relevant cash flow in year 2?

Answer : A

Question 2

A large supermarket is applying direct product profitability analysis to establish the profit earned by each of the products it sells.

Data for product P are as follows.

The shelf is stacked each time that all units are sold and there are no units of product P left unsold at the end of each day.

What is the direct product profit per unit of product P?

Give your answer to the nearest $0.01.

See Below Explanation:

Answer : A

Question 3

A company uses activity based costing. The total production overheads of $16,050 for the next period are for set up costs of $6,450 and quality inspection costs of $9,600. The company produces two products, Product F and Product G. Details relating to the next period are as follows:

A new customer has offered to purchase Product F for $28.00 per unit. The only costs incurred would be those shown above.

What is the profit per unit of Product F that would be gained by accepting the offer? Give your answer to two decimal places.

See Below Explanation:

Answer : A

Question 4

How does beyond budgeting NOT help to resolve the weaknesses of traditional budgeting? Select ALL that apply.

Answer : D, E, F

Question 5

Which of the following statements regarding multinational transfer pricing is INCORRECT?

Answer : B

Question 6

A company is investing in a huge diversification project. The plan is to develop and sell a whole new product line that they have never sold before. They've already started a massive marketing campaign for this new

product line and they are getting good feedback in their market research.

They've had to use debt funding in order to finance the project, but they hope that the returns will be worth the investment and restructuring. If they are successful they will be a step ahead of all their competitors and offer

something none of them can.

What is the risk appetite of this company?

Answer : A

Question 7

TTR Ltd plans to purchase a new plant for $1,000m on the 1st of January 20X6. The annual sales expected from the production of this plant is S400m per year. The plant has an expected life of five years. The financial accountant has computed the NPV of the project at $61.42m considering a discount rate of 10%. The marketing director wants to know the percentage drop in revenue that the sales team can afford before the project becomes unviable. Which of the following indicates the percentage required by the marketing


Answer : A

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Total 202 questions