CIPS L4M6 Supplier Relationships Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A 'synergy' within a partnership can lead to what?

Answer : D

Question 2

A company has just hired a new cleaning firm to clean their offices. The specification for the clean was detailed in an appendix in the contract and included a list of pre-approved products that the cleaning firm should use. The cleaners that were sent to site had not read the contract and therefore did not use the appropriate products. What is the reason for the failure of this?

Answer : A

Question 3

Francisco has entered a partnership with Pedro, who is a key supplier, and wants to ensure that the partnership achieves all of Francisco's goals. As well as qualitative and quantitative KPIs, what other measures could Francisco take to ensure the partnership is a success?

Answer : B

Question 4

One of the fist stages of designing a Partnership is to come up with joint KPIs. These should be:

Answer : A

Question 5

Which of the following are Intellectual Property Rights that you would you encounter in procurement and supply contracts? Select THREE.

Answer : C, D, E

Question 6

Mendelow's Stakeholder Matrix categorises stakeholders into four groups and provides insight into how these stakeholders should be managed. What is a limitation to using this Matrix to categorise stakeholders?

Answer : C

Question 7

The procurement department is sourcing new uniforms for its housekeeping team. Although the housekeeping team in itself doesn't hold a lot of power within the business, they have a high interest in the activity as it will be them who is wearing the items. When designing the specification, how should the procurement department manage the housekeeping team?

Answer : C

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Total 120 questions