Cisco 300-720 Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance SESA Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An engineer is configuring a Cisco ESA for the first time and needs to ensure that any email traffic coming from the internal SMTP servers is relayed out through the Cisco ESA and is tied to the Outgoing Mail Policies.

Which Mail Flow Policy setting should be modified to accomplish this goal?

Answer : B

Question 2

Refer to the exhibits. What must be done to enforce end user authentication before accessing quarantine?

Answer : A

Question 3

A network administrator notices that there are a high number of queries to the LDAP server. The mail logs show an entry ''550 Too many invalid recipients | Connection closed by foreign host.''

Which feature must be used to address this?

Answer : D

Question 4

Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct order of commands to set filter 2 to active?

Answer : D

Question 5

Users have been complaining of a higher volume of emails containing profanity. The network administrator will need to leverage dictionaries and create specific conditions to reduce the number of inappropriate emails.

Which two filters should be configured to address this? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, E

Question 6

What is the default HTTPS port when configuring spam quarantine on Cisco ESA?

Answer : A

Question 7

When URL logging is configured on a Cisco ESA, which feature must be enabled first?

Answer : C

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Total 93 questions