Cisco 300-810 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications Exam CLICA Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An administrator is implementing a Cisco Unity Connection call management plan for a company and configured the transfer rules that specify how Unity Connection transfers the calls that reach the call handler from the automated attendant. Which call handler setting must be configured to specify whether callers can perform transfers?

Answer : A

Within Cisco Unity Connection call handlers, the 'caller input settings' section determines whether callers can transfer out of the current call handler and potentially to other destinations. This section allows you to configure:

Transfer Keys:Defines specific keys callers can press to initiate transfers

Transfer Destinations:Determines where calls can be transferred (extensions, other call handlers, voicemail, etc.)

Cisco Unity Connection Administration Guide:Look for the 'caller input settings' and 'call handler configuration' sections, which should outline how to enable and configure caller-initiated transfers.

Question 2

administrator is importing users into Cisco Unity Connection from Cisco UCM. Several user accounts do not appear on the list after the Import Users process is selected Which situation causes this ..?

Answer : B

The primary reason Cisco Unity Connection's 'Import Users' process might fail to display certain users is a missing extension in the telephone number field within Cisco UCM. Cisco Unity Connection uses this extension field to associate users with their Unity Connection mailboxes.

Question 3

Administrator added a group of new users to the organization. The administrator also just finished configuring the Cisco Unified IM and Presence Service with calendar integration for Microsoft change. Which two actions must be taken to ensure that these new users are configured to log in to Osco Jabber and receive calendar presence? (Choose two.)

Select the "include meeting information in presence" check box

Answer : B, D

To ensure new users are both configured for Cisco Jabber login and have calendar presence after configuring IM & Presence with calendar integration:

B) Perform full sync of the LDAP directory: This will pull the new user information from your directory service (e.g., Active Directory) into Cisco UCM and IM & Presence.

D) Select the 'enable user for Cisco UCM IM and Presence' check box: In Cisco UCM, this enables the IM & Presence functionality for specific users.

Question 4

A Collaboration engineer is implementing the Apple Push Notification service for Jabber clients running on iOS and has saved the configuration in Cisco UCM under Advanced Features > Cisco Cloud Onboarding What is the next step to install Cisco-managed certificates?

Answer : A

After configuring Apple Push Notification (APN) Service for Jabber on iOS in Cisco UCM, the next step is to restart the Cisco Tomcat service on all UCM cluster nodes for the changes to take effect and to generate and install the required Cisco-managed certificates.

Question 5

Collaboration engineer configures Cisco UCM and Cisco IM and Presence to support Cisco Jabber Clients. The base configuration is complete The engineer successfully used all the Jabber features a test client but received certificate alerts when signing in. The engineer now wants to ensure that end users do not receive certificate alerts at login. Which two self-.... certificate must be.. with a CA-signed certificate to achieve this goal? (Choose two)

Answer : B, C

Based on the information you provided and the image (though I cannot access the specific content of the image), for Cisco Jabber clients to avoid certificate trust warnings during login, two certificates need to be replaced with CA-signed certificates:

B) cup-xmpp:This certificate secures the connection between Cisco Jabber and the Cisco UCM XMPP server for instant messaging and presence functionalities.

C) cup-xmpp-s2s:This certificate secures the connection between XMPP servers for inter-cluster communication within Cisco UCM, which can also impact Jabber functionality.

Question 6

Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit A collaboration engineer is troubleshooting an issue with MWIs not working for SIP-integrated Cisco Unity Connection users on Cisco UCM Calls to the Cisco Unity Connection work. but MWIs do not light This problem affects all users on the system Which action resolves the issue?

Answer : D

The scenario describes an issue where Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs) aren't lighting up for SIP-integrated Cisco Unity Connection users, even though calls reach voicemail. This points towards a configuration problem with MWI notifications on Cisco UCM.

A) Modify the SIP Trunk Security Profile on Cisco UCM:While SIP trunk security is important, it likely wouldn't affect MWI functionality in this case.

B) Increase the Delay Between Requests timer on Cisco Unity Connection:This setting might be used for other purposes but wouldn't directly address MWI notification issues on Cisco UCM.

C) Assign a Calling Search Space to the SIP Trunk on Cisco UCM:Calling Search Space defines call routing, not MWI notification.

Question 7

When Cisco United Attendant Console Advanced is integrated with Cisco UCM. which Cisco UCM Service does the Cisco TSP Instance communicate with directly?

Answer : C

Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced (CUACA) integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) to provide advanced call handling features for attendants. CUACA communicates directly with the Cisco CallManager Service for core call routing, call control, and call state information.

Cisco CTI Manager Service:While CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) plays a role in CUACA interactions, the core communication happens through the CallManager Service.

Cisco DirSync Service:This service synchronizes directory information between UCM and other systems, but it's not directly involved in CUACA communication.

Cisco TAPS Service:TAPS (Telephony Application Programming Services) provides a development framework for UCM, not core call routing functionalities used by CUACA.

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