Cisco 700-805 Cisco Renewals Manager CRM Exam Practice Test

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Question 1
Question 2

Which statement best describes an Ask the Expert session?

Answer : C

Question 3
Question 4

Which statement best describes the Success Plan?

Answer : B

Question 5

What does TPV mean?

Answer : B

Question 6

Which is the first step in a solutions-led sales approach?

Answer : D

a solutions-led sales approach is:

A sales methodology that focuses on understanding the customer's business needs, challenges, and objectives

A consultative process that involves discovering, proposing, validating, and closing solutions that deliver value and outcomes for the customer

A way of differentiating Cisco and partners from competitors by offering integrated solutions that leverage Cisco's portfolio and expertise

The first step in a solutions-led sales approach is to understand the customer's objectives, which includes:

Asking open-ended questions to uncover the customer's pain points, goals, and priorities

Listening actively and empathetically to the customer's responses

Confirming and summarizing the customer's objectives and expectations

Question 7

Which statement best summarizes the intended outcome of the Success Plan?

Answer : A

the Success Plan is:

A document that outlines the customer's goals, challenges, desired outcomes, and success metrics

A collaborative effort between Cisco, partners, and customers to align on the customer's vision and strategy

A roadmap that guides the customer through the lifecycle stages of plan, build, adopt, and renew

A development of a customer-centric view for achieving value from their portfolio

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Total 52 questions