CompTIA 220-1001 CompTIA A+ Core 1 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A technician is building a new workstation for power plant control. To minimize the possibility of driver conflicts causing downtime, the technician wants to avoid options that use a storage controller; instead, the technician wants the storage to connect directly to the PCIe bus. Which of the following storage options would BEST meet this requirement?

Answer : A

Question 2

Which of the following is the purpose of a KVM switch?

Answer : A

Question 3

A technician receives a call from a user regarding a message fat has appeared on several office computers The message states the computers have been encrypted and require payment to recover the data First, the technician instructs the user to disconnect the computers from the network The technician then troubleshoots the issue by identifying the problem and developing a theory about what happened Which of the following steps of the troubleshooting process should the technician complete NEXT?

Answer : A

Question 4

Which of the following server types should be used to process outside authentication requests?

Answer : C

Question 5

A company decides to use cloud computing to support IT. The solution will be owned and supported by the company without the need for a third party. Which of the following BEST describes the cloud solution the company will use?

Answer : D

Question 6

A technician is troubleshooting a DLP projector that is connected to a PC. The projector accepts and displays a video signal, but the output image is covered with white dots. Which of the following actions will MOST likely resolve the issue?

A Decrease the video card refresh rate.

Answer : D

Question 7

A user would like print jobs to print on both sides of the page After installing the necessary print driver, a technician needs to configure:

Answer : A

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Total 334 questions