CompTIA TK0-201 CTT+ Essentials Certification Exam CTT+ Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

During an online course, a trainer posts discussion questions each week. During the trainer's review of the students' discussions at the end of the week, the trainer notices many of the posts are off topic. Which of the following actions should the trainer perform?

Answer : D

Question 2

At the beginning of a course, the trainer is aware that a nearby natural disaster may have personal impact on several learners. Which of the following should the trainer do to begin the class in a positive manner?

Answer : B

Question 3

An instructor notices all the students on social networking sites or cell phones. Which of the following would be the BEST solution to encourage student engagement?

Answer : A

Question 4

When beginning a training session the trainer should:

Answer : B

Question 5

After viewing a tradeshow demonstration, the trainer has been asked to develop a course highlighting the major points. Which of the following MUST be included when converting a demonstration into a training course? (Select TWO).

Answer : B, E

Question 6

Which of the following hand gestures would BEST illustrate something that is increasing?

Answer : C

Question 7


of the following will help eliminate distractions caused by the presenter?

Answer : C

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Total 612 questions