Dell EMC E20-393 Implementation Engineer, Unity Solutions Specialist Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

What is the default file system quota policy on the Dell EMC Unity XT storage array?

Answer : A

When using quotas, administrators have the option to calculate file system usage in one of two ways. This option, which is configured on a per file system basis, may be set to File Size or Block based calculation. When using the default setting of File Size, disk usage is calculated based on logical file sizes in 1K increments. Because of this, it is possible that used space may be reported from a quota perspective as more than the actual usage if holes exist in a sparse file. This setting is generally recommended for Windows environments. The Block quota policy calculates disk usage in 8-16KB file system blocks, and is accurate with regard to the actual allocation down to the block level. This setting is recommended for UNIX environments. emc-unity-nas-capabilities.pdf

Question 2

How can an administrator disable retention on an FLR-enabled file system?

Question 3

What features are available with Dell EMC UnityVSA?

Question 4

In an asynchronous replication, what is the maximum number of replicated NAS Servers supported for the Dell EMC Unity XT 380 series?

Question 5

What is the result of enabling Data Reduction on a LUN in a Consistency Group containing three LUNs?

Question 6

What is the first step to configure asynchronous replication for a storage resource?

Answer : D

Question 7

What is a consideration when expanding a dynamic pool?

Answer : C

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