Dell EMC E20-555 Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist for Technology Architects Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

What is the behavior of the Isilon time and date settings and what is the best practice?

Answer : C

Question 2

A customer is considering using the CloudPools feature to send archive data to their on premises object

storage appliance. The customer needs to know how many objects will be created by the Isilon when it tiers files using CloudPools.

If the customer has 20 1MB files, 2 10MB files and 4 3MB files, how many objects will CloudPools version 1.0


Question 3

A customer is evaluating Isilon and Pure FlashBlade solutions. Which protocol is available for both solutions?

Answer : C

Question 4

A customer needs to be able to periodically monitor their node live performance for ongoing operational tasks as well as during problem analysis. You have recommended they use the isi statistics command to fulfill this need.

What types of statistics and statuses could be displayed with this command?

Question 5

A customer wishes to back up their Isilon cluster via NDMP using a software package that supports NDMP

connectivity. The backup process will require the cluster to create a point-in-time copy of the directory to be

backed up.

Which OneFS feature(s) will need to be licensed?

Question 6

Which type of link aggregation is supported with Isilon nodes?

Question 7

A customer plans to migrate data to a remote Isilon cluster. What is a consideration when configuring a cluster

with SyncIQ and hard SmartQuotas?

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Total 344 questions