Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional - Consolidated Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

When you change an agent's queue status from On Queue to Off Queue, what is the agent's status displayed as in the view?

Answer : C

When an agent's queue status is changed from On Queue to Off Queue in Genesys Cloud CX, their status is typically displayed as 'Away' in the system views. This indicates that the agent is not currently available to handle new interactions in the queue, but it does not necessarily mean the agent is not working; they could be engaged in after-call work, training, or other non-queue activities.

Question 2

In which of these views would you see the amount of time an agent spent in each status?

Answer : C

The Agent Status view in Genesys Cloud CX is designed to show detailed information about an agent's status over time, including the amount of time spent in each status such as Available, Busy, Away, etc. This view provides insights into how agents are allocating their time, which can be crucial for understanding productivity, identifying bottlenecks, and making informed staffing decisions.

Question 3

What options are available for exporting data from a view? Choose 2 answers

Answer : C, E

When exporting data from views in Genesys Cloud CX, users have several format options. Among these, PDF and CSV are commonly available choices for exporting data. PDF format is useful for creating ready-to-share documents that preserve the layout and formatting of the view, while CSV format is ideal for data manipulation and analysis in spreadsheet applications, allowing for further data processing and insights.

Question 4

A dynamic report on Genesys Cloud CX is a customizable report that allows the user to select the data and metrics that they want to include in the report and how it is presented

Answer : A

Dynamic reports in Genesys Cloud CX are indeed customizable, allowing users to select the specific data and metrics they wish to include in the report and to determine how this information is presented. This feature provides flexibility and personalization in reporting, enabling users to focus on the information that is most relevant to their roles and objectives, thereby enhancing the analysis and decision-making process.

Question 5

Which of the following is used to design and personalize your own working environment, allowing you to configure and store custom views for future use?

Answer : D

Workspaces in Genesys Cloud CX are customizable environments that allow users to design and personalize their own working area. Users can configure and store custom views, organize widgets and tools according to their specific job functions, and save these configurations for future use. This feature enhances productivity and efficiency by allowing users to tailor their environment to their workflow and access the information they need more quickly and easily.

Question 6

Which dialing mode allows the agent to see customer information before dialing?

Answer : C

In Genesys Cloud CX, the Preview dialing mode is specifically designed to allow agents to review customer information before initiating the call. This mode presents the agent with customer details and relevant context before the dialing process begins, enabling the agent to prepare for the interaction and tailor their approach based on the customer's history and needs. This preparation can lead to more personalized and effective customer engagements.

Question 7

What is the correct statement about Divisions?

Answer : D

In Genesys Cloud CX, Divisions are used to segment and organize resources such as users, queues, and interactions for administrative, routing, and reporting purposes. A user is typically assigned to a single primary Division but can be granted permissions to access resources in multiple Divisions as needed. This structure allows for flexibility in managing access and visibility across different organizational units within the Genesys Cloud environment, ensuring that users have the necessary access to perform their roles effectively while maintaining organizational security and governance.

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