Google Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Employees at your organization frequently and mistakenly delete important emails that they receive from your payroll department The employees have to file support tickets for the IT team to find and restore these emails You must provide an automated solution that minimizes IT overhead and prevents these emails from being permanently deleted from their inboxes What should you do?

Answer : D

Access Admin Console: Go to the Google Admin console and navigate to the 'Reports' section.

Activity Rule Setup: Select 'Manage Rules' and create a new rule.

Define Conditions:

Condition 1: Event equals 'Email Deletion'.

Condition 2: Header address matches the payroll department's email address.

Set Action: Define the action to restore the messages to the inbox.

Schedule the Rule: Set the rule to run every hour.

Test and Monitor: Ensure the rule is working as expected by monitoring the results and making adjustments if necessary.

Create and manage activity rules

Gmail API

Question 2

Your organization has upgraded to a Google Workspace edition with Vault and has hired a new audit team You are configuring access for this audit team with these privileges

* Chief legal executive - reporting privileges

* Legal audit manager - full Vault privileges

* Data reviewer - searching privileges

You must enable access for these three roles What should you do?

Answer : D

Navigate to Admin Roles: Go to the Google Admin console and navigate to the 'Admin roles' section.

Create Admin Roles: Create three separate admin roles:

Chief Legal Executive: Assign reporting privileges only.

Legal Audit Manager: Assign full Vault privileges.

Data Reviewer: Assign searching privileges.

Assign Roles to Users: Assign the created roles to the respective users (Chief Legal Executive, Legal Audit Manager, Data Reviewer).

Set Up Google Vault Access: Ensure the Google Vault service is turned on for these users by navigating to 'Apps' > 'Google Workspace' > 'Google Vault' and verifying that the service is enabled for their organizational unit.

Manage admin roles

Google Vault permissions

Question 3

Your organization has offices in Canada Italy and the United States You want to ensure that employees can access corporate Gmail and Drive from these three geographic locations only What should you do?

Answer : B

Enable Context-Aware Access:

In the Google Admin console, go to Security > Context-Aware Access.

Enable the context-aware access feature.

Create Access Levels:

Define access levels based on geographic locations (Canada, Italy, and the United States).

Use IP address ranges or other location indicators to specify these regions.

Assign Access Levels:

Assign the created access levels to the Google Workspace services, specifically corporate Gmail and Drive.

Ensure that only users accessing from the specified regions can access these services.

Apply and Monitor:

Save and apply the settings.

Monitor access logs to ensure compliance and security.

Google Workspace Admin Help: Set up context-aware access

Google Workspace Admin Help: Manage context-aware access levels

Question 4

Your organization was recently targeted by a phishing attempt that affected several users You must efficiently determine the full extent of the phishing attempt and prevent further issues from occurring What should you do?

Answer : C

Use the Security Dashboard:

Access the Google Admin console and go to Security > Dashboard.

Review metrics and logs for phishing and spoofing activities.

Identify affected users and potential threats.

Use the Investigation Tool:

From the Security dashboard, access the investigation tool.

Search for and isolate malicious emails sent to affected users.

Take action to remove these emails.

Enable Advanced Protection:

In the Admin console, go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Safety.

Enable advanced phishing and malware protection features.

Deploy Password Alert Extension:

Ensure the Password Alert Chrome extension is deployed across the organization to help detect password compromises.

Google Workspace Admin Help: Security dashboard

Google Workspace Admin Help: Investigation tool

Google Workspace Admin Help: Phishing and malware protection

Google Workspace Admin Help: Deploy Password Alert

Question 5

Your team is collaborating on a new project by using a Google Doc They are using Doc comments to add numerous questions and suggestions You want to ensure that sensitive data in the Doc comments does not appear in the recipients' inboxes when a user is notified that a comment has been assigned to them What should you do?

Answer : C

Create a Content Compliance Rule:

Access the Google Admin console.

Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Compliance.

Click on 'Add another rule' to create a new content compliance rule.

Define the conditions to detect sensitive data within email content.

Set actions to quarantine or reject emails that contain sensitive information.

Turn Off Dynamic Email:

In the Admin console, go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > User settings.

Turn off dynamic email for your organization or specific organizational units.

Save and Apply:

Save the compliance rule and dynamic email settings.

These configurations ensure that sensitive data in Doc comments does not appear in recipient inboxes.

Google Workspace Admin Help: Set up content compliance

Google Workspace Admin Help: Turn dynamic email on or off

Question 6

The compliance team at your organization is conducting a legal investigation into some concerning sales activities of an employee eight months ago The compliance team contacted you for assistance on the situation You set up the default Google Vault retention rules so all data is retained only for one year You must assist the compliance team with the investigation What should you do1?

Answer : C

Assign Vault Administrator Role: In the Google Admin console, assign the compliance team members the Google Vault administrator role to give them the necessary permissions.

Access Google Vault: Have the compliance team access Google Vault.

Create a Matter: In Google Vault, create a new matter for the investigation.

Create a Hold: Within the matter, create a legal hold specifically targeting the employee's email and any other relevant data. This will preserve all the necessary information beyond the default retention period.

Review Data: The compliance team can now review the preserved data as part of their investigation.

Google Vault Help: Assign Vault privileges

Google Vault Help: Create and manage holds

Question 7

An employee has been leaking confidential salary information to an external party. You must use Vault to preserve the messages for an investigation. What should you do?

Answer : A

Access Google Vault: Go to Google Vault from the Google Admin console.

Create a Matter: Click on 'Matters' and create a new matter to hold the case details and any relevant information.

Add a Hold: Within the matter, create a hold specifically on the employee's email account. This ensures that all emails sent and received by the employee are preserved.

Configure the Hold: Specify the criteria for the hold, such as the employee's email address, and set the scope to include all messages.

Save the Hold: Once configured, save the hold. This will preserve all relevant messages for the investigation.

Google Vault Help: Create and manage matters

Google Vault Help: Place data on hold

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