HFMA Certified Healthcare Financial Professional Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An accounting method that tracks when cash was received and when cash was expended, regardless of when services were provided or resources were used is called:

Answer : D

Question 2

The break-even equation modified to include desired profit is:

Answer : B

Question 3

The formula to calculate basic break-even equation is:

Answer : A

Question 4


Question-Title: The difference between revenues forecast in the flexible budget and those actually earned is

called ___________.

Answer :

Question 5

The difference between the revenues forecast in the original budget and those in the flexible budget is known as:

Answer : D

Question 6

Organizational units responsible for earning a profit by providing health care services and their revenues are earned either on a free-for-service or a flat fee basis refers to:

Answer : B

Question 7

Profit centers are the organizational units responsible for controlling costs and earning


Answer : A

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Total 310 questions