HPE0-V14 Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

You are managing a HPE ProLinat rack-mount server and need to determine when the Remote Console was most recently used.

Where can you find this information?

Answer : C

Question 2

A customer is considering an upgrade of their network, which connects 10 servers. The customer has a converged data center networking architecture with Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionality. Which HPE product family will meet this customer's needs?

Answer : D

Question 3

A customer requires 12 Gb local storage for their VMware boot volumes, which require high-performance read cycles to enable the operating system to boot quickly.

Which drive type provides the most appropriate size and most cost-effective way to meet this requirement?

Answer : B

Question 4

You need to configure a HPE ProLiant server and plan to install an operating system that supports Secure Boot.

Which system utility should you use to configure the server?

Answer : D

Question 5

A customer needs to replace an existing storage array. The new array must be suitable for remote office deployment and support the following:

Multi-protocol connectivity

Flash-accelerated storage

Low-cost midline SAS drives

Which HPE storage platform will meet these requirements?

Answer : B

Question 6

A customer requires a software-defined storage solution.

Which storage solution meets the customer's needs?

Answer : B

Question 7

You are troubleshooting server issues and need to troubleshoot when online and offline.

Which HPE tool should you use?

Answer : B

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Total 303 questions