Huawei H35-561 HCIP LTE RNP&RNO V1.0 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which of the following channels can change the modulation mode during the scheduling process? (multiple choice)

Answer : A, D

Question 2

Huawei Certified Network Professional-LTE RNP&RNO.

What are the logos of GUT? (multiple choice)

Answer : A, B, C, E

Question 3

The PUCCH channel can carry uplink control information, and the PUSCH channel can carry uplink dat

a. A user can use these two channels at the same time.

Answer : B

Question 4

The PCFICH notifies the UE of the number of OFDM symbols occupied by the PDCCH, and it is transmitted in each time slot.

Answer : B

Question 5

In TD-LTE, which of the following protocol stacks have the highest rate?

Answer : D

Question 6

The default path for saving logfile is C\Program Files\Logfile.

Answer : B

Question 7

Which of the following KPI indicators belong to the retention category?

Answer : C

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Total 60 questions