IBM C1000-003 IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0 Application Development Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which files are required to be included to enable Mobile Foundation Analytics for a Web Application?

Answer : B

Question 2

The figure below shows the use of HTTP client(postman) to obtain a Mobile Foundation test token.

Which two parameters must be defined in the body?

Answer : C

Question 3

Which object stores system messages that can be translated in an IBM Mobile Foundation Cordova application?

Answer : D

Question 4

MFP.Server.invokeHttp(options) Mobile Foundation API is used to call an HTTP service inside a procedure declared within an HTTP adapter.

In the options parameter, which two parameters are mandatory? (Choose two.)

Answer : A, C

Question 5

What component can a developer use to control the URL structure, request and response headers, content, and encoding of a request?

Answer : B

Question 6

As part of registering a confidential client with IBM Mobile Foundation Server, what two credentials must a developer provide? (Choose two.)

Answer : A, C

You begin by registering a confidential client with MobileFirst Server. As part of the registration, you provide the credentials of the confidential client, which consist of an ID and a secret. In addition, you set the client's allowed scope, which determines the scopes that can be granted to this client. When a registered confidential client requests an access token from the authorization server, the server authenticates the client by using the registered credentials, and verifies that the requested scope matches the client's allowed scope.

Question 7

In the example below, what is the correct code that should be placed in line 6 to return the registration data for the given clientId?

Answer : D

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Total 58 questions