IBM C1000-117 IBM Spectrum Storage Solution Advisor V7 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which IBM resource offers automated proposal generation and customization

Answer : B

Question 2

How does IBM Spectrum Scale improve data economics?

Answer : A

Question 3

What IBM product provides the capability to migrate files based on migration policies to free storage space for new data on local file system and takes advantage of lower-cost storage?

Answer : A

Question 4

Which IBM Spectrum Protect strategy can optimize and reduce directory-container costs?

Answer : A

Question 5

A customer has a need to store their point-in-time copies of data in the public cloud and wants to use the Transparent Cloud Tiering feature of IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

Which advanced feature must be utilized in order to use Transparent Cloud Tiering in IBM Spectrum Virtualize?

Answer : A

Question 6

Which product in IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks offers container native storage?

Answer : D

Question 7

Which feature of IBM Spectrum Scale imports files from several AWS S3 buckets?

Answer : A

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Total 60 questions