IBM C2090-623 IBM Cognos Analytics Administrator V11 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

In a multi-server environment, an administrator wants to ensure that items in the Content Manager Cache service are re-validated every thirty seconds.

Which option would accomplish this?

Answer : C

ValidatorTimetoLive determines how long data objects remain in the cache. After the Validator timer expires objects are considered Invalid and have to be fetched from Cm again. Value is in ms, and default is 900000.

References:, page 11

Question 2

Which statement is true when working with datasource credentials?

Answer : D


When running report user is prompted to enter the signon but the check box ' Remember my user ID and password when connecting to this data source is not displayed .

User has no signon saved in his profile


User capability

Diagnosing the problem

Check the user capabilities and persmissions

Resolving the problem

Cognos Administrator must grant user/group execute permissions for the Manage own data source signons capability


Question 3

An administrator wants to describe the internal architecture and request flow for a Query service of an executed DQM report.

How is this done?

Answer : B

The SQL engine obtains data directly from the RDBMS Adapter. The Query Execution Engine updates the secure Data Cache with dimensional data for future reuse.

Note: A report specification is an executable definition of a report, including query and layout rules, which can be combined with data to produce a report output.


Question 4

Where can uploaded visualizations within the IBM Cognos Administration console be managed?

Question 5

An administrator is attempting to import a backup of the entire Content Store into an existing Content Store.

What is an instance of when an object will be kept by the default conflict resolution rule?

Answer : D

The default conflict resolution rule for deploying the entire content store is replace.

Exceptions to the default conflict resolution rule are listed in the following table:


Conflict Resolution Rule: Keep


Question 6

An administrator must troubleshoot query execution related issues in a DQM executed report.

How is this achieved?

Answer : C

A query execution trace (run tree trace) shows queries that run against a data source. You use the trace to troubleshoot query-related issues.

You can find execution trace logs in the following location:



Question 7

An administrator is implementing security by modifying access to the secured functions and secured features.

Which statement is true?

Answer : B

You set access to the secured functions and features by granting execute permissions for them to specified namespaces, users, groups, or roles.

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