IFoA_CAA_M0 Certified Actuarial Analyst CAA Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Identify which of the following best describes the nature of a stationary point.

Answer : A

Question 2

Calculate the value of

Answer : C

Question 3

A cat rescue centre keeps a record of how many kittens are born in each litter over a year. The bar chart summarises the figures.

Consider the mean, mode and median of the number of kittens per litter.

Determine which one of the statements is true.

Answer : C

Question 4

State whatthe limit of a function with input variable xrepresents.

Answer : B

Question 5

An insurance company sells policies where, for each policy, the policyholder pays the first 50 of the cost of any claim. A claim reported to the insurance company takes some unknown value x.

Identify which of the mathematical expressions below represents the cost in to the insurance company of the claim.

Answer : D

Question 6

Calculate the total area enclosed by the x-axis and the function below, between x =1.5 and x = 2.

f(x) = 2x3

Answer : B

Question 7

Identify which of the following involves weak inequality.

Answer : B

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Total 64 questions