iSQI IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level IREB CPRE FL Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

You have been commissioned to analyze a change request for its possible impact. Which of the following aspects must be analyzed for this? (2 Points)

Answer : B, C, E, G

Question 2

You are employed as a requirements engineer in a company that develops control software for electric motors. During your work it becomes increasingly evident that the developers are very well aware of the necessary requirements, even though the requirements are not documented in their entirety. Nevertheless, you decide to document requirements systematically. Which two of the following arguments justifies this step? (2 Points)

Documenting requirements systematically is important, because...

Answer : C, D

Question 3

In delimiting system and system context, a differentiation is made between the system boundary and the context boundary. This differentiation is important in order to understand which aspects impact on the requirements of the system to be developed and which do not. Choose the two correct statements. (2 Points)

Answer : A, B

Question 4

Which two pieces of information should always be recorded in the stakeholder list? (1 Point)

Answer : B, C

Question 5

A new system for monitoring vital functions of patients is to be developed. The system is to be used in intensive care. The usability of the system is especially critical, primarily because the nursing staff must correctly interpret the information indicated by the system and do so under great time pressure. Which two techniques are best suited to identifying the user requirements? (2 Points)

Answer : A, D

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Total 45 questions