Microsoft MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

You manage multiple devices by using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The devices run on the following operating


Android 8.0, Android 8.1.0, and Android 9

iOS 12 and iOS 13

MacOS 10.14

Windows 10

You need to deploy Microsoft 365 apps to the devices.

From the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, what is the minimum number of apps you should create?

Answer : C

Question 2

You have a Microsoft Power Platform production environment that contains a custom model-driven Microsoft Power Apps app.

How many days will system backups be retained for the environment?

Answer : C

Question 3

You have a Microsoft 365 subscription that contains a user named User1.

You need to ensure that User1 receives Microsoft 365 feature and service updates before the updates are

released to all users.

What should you do in the Microsoft 365 admin center?

Answer : C

Question 4

You have a hybrid deployment of Microsoft 365 that contains the users shown in the following table.

You plan to provide access to an on-premises app named App1 by using Azure AD Application Proxy. App1 will be managed by User4.

You need to identify which user can install the Application Proxy connector.

Which user should you identify?

Answer : B

Question 5

You have Microsoft 365 tenant that contains a Microsoft Power Platform environment named Environment1

(default). Environment1 contains a Microsoft Dataverse database.

In the tenant, you create a user named User1. You assign a Microsoft Power Apps license to User1.

Which security role for Environment1 is assigned automatically to User1?

Answer : B

Question 6

You have a hybrid deployment of Microsoft 365 and an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. The tenant contains the users shown in the following table.

Password protection in Azure AD is configured as shown in the following exhibit.

Which users will be prevented from using the word ''Contoso'' as part of their password?

Answer : D

Question 7

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.

After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.

Your network contains an on-premises Active Directory domain named The domain contains the users shown in the following table.

The domain syncs to an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named as shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit tab.)

User2 fails to authenticate to Azure AD when signing in as

You need to ensure that User2 can access the resources in Azure AD.

Solution: From the on-premises Active Directory domain, you set the UPN suffix for User2 to You instruct User2 to sign in as

Does this meet the goal?

Answer : A

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