MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1 MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect - Level 1 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A REST API is being designed to implement a Mule application.

What standard interface definition language can be used to define REST APIs?

Answer : B

Question 2

In a Mule Application, a flow contains two (2) JMS consume operations that are used to connect to a JMS broker and consume messages from two(2) JMS destination. The Mule application then joins the two JMS messages together.

The JMS broker does not implement high availability (HA) and periodically experiences scheduled outages of upto 10 mins for routine maintenance.

What is the most idiomatic (used for its intented purpose) way to build the mule flow so it can best recover from the expected outages?

Answer : A

Question 3

A Mule application name Pub uses a persistence object store. The Pub Mule application is deployed to Cloudhub and it configured to use Object Store v2.

Another Mule application name sub is being developed to retrieve values from the Pub Mule application persistence object Store and will also be deployed to cloudhub.

What is the most direct way for the Sub Mule application to retrieve values from the Pub Mule application persistence object store with the least latency?

Answer : D

Question 4

An organization uses a four(4) node customer hosted Mule runtime cluster to host one(1) stateless api implementation. The API is accessed over HTTPS through a load balancer that uses round-robin for load distribution. Each node in the cluster has been sized to be able to accept four(4) times the current number of requests.

Two(2) nodes in the cluster experience a power outage and are no longer available. The load balancer directs the outage and blocks the two unavailable the nodes from receiving further HTTP requests.

What performance-related consequence is guaranteed to happen to average, assuming the remaining cluster nodes are fully operational?

Answer : D

Question 5

In Anypoint Platform, a company wants to configure multiple identity providers(Idps) for various lines of business (LOBs) Multiple business groups and environments have been defined for the these LOBs. What Anypoint Platform feature can use multiple Idps access the company's business groups and environment?

Answer : A

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Total 79 questions