NetApp NS0-603 NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud - Architect Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A customer has an on-premises data center with NetApp ONTAP storage. They have a Snapshot policy set up for their volumes to create periodic Snapshot copies so that they can recover from those in case they lose their dat

a. However, their IT architect wants to implement a solution that will enable them to restore volumes or individual files to their storage on-premises or in the cloud.

In this scenario, which NetApp cloud service should be used to satisfy the requirement?

Answer : B

Question 2

Your customer wants to migrate from an on-premises backup and recovery architecture to a public cloud target solution.

Which two factors should be considered when designing this solution? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, C

Question 3


You are designing a NetApp Cloud Backup solution for your on-premises ONTAP clusters to Azure Blob storage.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, C

Question 4

Which NetApp Cloud Manager feature would be enabled to support Immutability of the data?

Answer : B

Question 5

You are designing a solution that will use NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure. The deployment and ongoing management of the solution should be able to be automated.

In this scenario, which three automation methods would you include? (Choose three.)

Answer : B, C, D

Question 6

You are designing a highly available solution based on NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP that will be deployed in Google Cloud. The solution will need to grow over time to meet demand.

In this scenario, when adding disks, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, C

Question 7

A company realizes that multiple departments are using different cloud providers for mission-critical workloads. They are experiencing poor performance on workloads across different cloud providers and notice that there are deployment inconsistencies.

In this scenario, what are two ways to correct the problem? (Choose two.)

Answer : B, C

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Total 60 questions