Nokia 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional Composite Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Which of the following can only be viewed by making a RESTCONF call to query an existing intent?

Answer : C

Question 2

Based on the exhibit, which attribute of the target-component determines the component name displayed in the UI?

Answer : A

Question 3

Which character is used to separate the attributes of a Target with multiple attributes?

Answer : B

Question 4

Which tab(s) does the metadata in the meta-info.Json file appear in the "Edit Intent Type" window of the Intent Manager UI?

Answer : C

Question 5

What are the possible data types capable of being assigned to the value type attributes of the target-component?

Answer : C

Question 6

Which of the following is the master configuration that is synchronized with the network configuration and is stored in the database as the source of truth?

Answer : B

Question 7

Which of the following is NOT an Intent Type life-cycle state?

Answer : D

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Total 80 questions