Nutanix Certified Professional - Data Services Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An administrator would like to convert an existing Volume Group with an attached external

Windows client to use Volumes

The administrator has taken these actions

. Disconnect any existing SCSI targets

Remove targets from the Favorite Targets tab

* Remove targets from the Discovery tab

Which action must the administrator take next to complete this task?

Answer : C

Question 2

An administrator has to enable both Linux and Windows machines to access the same share

served by a Files cluster.

The parameters are as follows:

* Most of the clients are Windows machines* All users have Active Directory (AD) Accounts

* All Linux clients are part of the same class 8 network, everyone else must be denied access

over NFS

* .mp3 files are not allowed on the share

How should the administrator configure the multi-protocol share to achieve these


Answer : C

Question 3

An administrator is using Volumes for its mission critical environments to support its highly

transactional Oracle database. Users have reported that recent queries to the database are very

slow and the response times have increased as the database has grown

The administrator noticed that the database server is built using a single large vDisk for the

database and logs

How should the administrator resolve this issue?

Answer : C

Question 4

After migrating to Files for the company's users home directories, the administrator started

receiving complaints that accessing certain files will often result in long wait times before the

file is even opened or an access denied error message after four minutes

Upon further investigation, the administrator has determined that the files in question are very

large audio and videos

Which two actions should the administrator take to mitigate this issue! (Choose two

Answer : A, D

Question 5

A company has distributed a new document bundle, entitled Health and Security Policies to

all employees H has to verify if key users have opened the document

How can an administrator support this request with File Analytics

Answer : B

Question 6

An administrator has deployed a new backup software suite and needs to meet the following


* Use S3-Compatible Storage

* Provide One-Year retention

* Protect from deletions or overwrites for one year.

* Meet regulatory requirements

Which setting should the administrator apply to a newly-created objects bucket to ensure the

requirements are met?

Answer : C

Question 7

An administrator of an existing Nutanix cluster running Kubernetes with multiple PODs notices

that NCC checks report that some volume groups experience the following error:

Node x.x.x.x:


usage (90%)

The administrator checks the volume group usage from the Kubernetes pod and get different

usage results. The current stats are 55% used space.

The results of the NCC check do not match what manually-executed checks report.

What is the cause of this behavior ?

Answer : B

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