Nutanix Certified Professional - End - User Computing Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An organization recently deployed an Active-passive VDI solution across multiple sites within their Nutanix platforms. The Organization is now on phase two of the project, which requires them to consolidate all user profile and home data, since each location will have its own standalone Microsoft File Server.

Which solution will provide a more easily-managed environment for profile and Home Share data that includes High Availability and a unified single namespace?

Answer : D

Question 2

An administrator is supporting two Nutanix Io-node AHV clusters (Cluster01 and Cluster02) dedicated for VDI workloads. The administrator has started receiving complaints regarding the performance of several full clone virtual desktops within Cluster01, upon review of both clusters, below are the discovered utilization metrics:

Cluster01 utilizations:

* Cluster CPU:85%

* Cluster Memory: 94%

* storage:50%

Cluster02 utilizations:

* Cluster CPU:30%

* Cluster Memory:35%

* storage:40%

Datacenter policy requires 20% resource overhead.

Which action should the administrator take to resolve this issue?

Answer : D

Question 3

Users are being prompted to restart their non-persistent desktops in the middle of the day.

which setting in the gold image would cause this to occur?

Answer : C

Question 4

Which metric is available in customized reports when using the AHV Plug-in for Citrix Director?

Answer : D

Question 5

An administrator has received multiple tickets from users experiencing log-on and log-off slowness while using VDI non-persistent desktops, other users in same VDI farm using persistent desktops are not experiencing the same issue.

Currently, the administrator is levering an ESXi-based Nutanix all-flash cluster environment with a VMware Horizon Infrastructure.

What is causing the slowness for the non-persistent users?

Answer : B

Question 6

An administrator has chosen to move all of the backend Citrix infrastructure to be managed as a service provided by Citrix.

Backend infrastructure includes these components:

Answer : A

Question 7

A group of developers are migrating from physical computers to persistent virtual desktops.

What is the recommended migration path?

Answer : C

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Total 77 questions