Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure v6.5 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

An administrator needs to deploy an application with a large amount of data connected via Nutanix volumes.

Which two actions should the administrator take when designing the Volume Group? (Choose two.)

Answer : A, B

According to the Nutanix Volumes - Recommendations And Best Practices web search result3, two actions that the administrator should take when designing the Volume Group are:

Distribute workload across multiple virtual disks: Use multiple disks rather than a single large disk for an application. Consider using a minimum of one disk per Nutanix node to distribute the workload across all nodes in a cluster. Multiple disks per Nutanix node may also improve an application's performance. For performance-intensive environments, we recommend using between four and eight disks per CVM for a given workload.

Enable RSS (Receive Side Scaling): Receive-side scaling (RSS) allows the system to use multiple CPUs for network activity. With RSS enabled, multiple CPU cores process network traffic, preventing a single CPU core from becoming a bottleneck. Enabling RSS within hosts can be beneficial for heavy iSCSI workloads. For VMs running in ESXi environments, RSS requires VMXNET3 VNICs. For Hyper-V environments, enable VMQ to take full advantage of Virtual RSS.

Question 2
Question 3

The customer is seeing high memory utilization on a mission critical VM. Users report that the application is unavailable. The guest OS does not support hot add components.

How should the administrator fix this issue?

Question 4

An administrator is working with Nutanix Support and needs to provide logs for troubleshooting an issue. The cluster is located in a secure environment. Data such as IP addresses and VM names cannot be shared.

Which method should be used to anonymize the log data sent to Nutanix Support?





Answer : D

Question 5
Question 6
Question 7

What is the function of the virbr0 bridge on AHV?

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