Oracle 1z0-1072-21 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Architect Associate Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

You are a network architect of an application running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Your security team has informed you about a security patch that needs to be applied immediately to one of the backend web servers. What should you do to ensure that the OCI load balancer does not forward traffic to this backend server during maintenance?

Answer : A

Question 2

You have launched a compute instance running Oracle database in a private subnet in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure US East region. You have also created a Service Gateway to back up the data files to OCI Object Storage in the same region. You have modified the security list associated with the private subnet to allow traffic to the Service Gateway, but your instance still cannot access OCI Object Storage. How can you resolve this issue?

Answer : C

Question 3

You have two line of business operations (LOB1, LOB2) leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. LOB1 is deployed in VCN1 in the OCI US East region, while LOB2 is deployed in VCN2 in the US West region. You need to peer VCN1 and VCN2 for disaster recovery and data backup purposes. To ensure you can utilize the OCI Virtual Cloud Network remote peering feature, which CIDR ranges should be used?

Answer : B

Question 4

You have created a new compartment called Production to host some production apps. You have also created users in your tenancy and added them to a Group called "production group". Your users are still unable to access the Production compartment. How can you resolve this situation?

Answer : D

Question 5

You have the following compartment structure in your tenancy. Root compartment->Training->Training-subl ->Training-sub2 You create a policy in the root compartment to allow the default admin for the account (Administrators) to manage block volumes in compartment Training-sub2. What policy would you write to meet this requirement?

Answer : C

Question 6

You have an instance running in a development compartment that needs to make API calls against other OCI services, but you do not want to configure user credentials or a store a configuration file on the instance. How can you meet this requirement?

Answer : D

Question 7

Which two Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services use a Dynamic Routing Gateway?

Answer : C, E

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Total 239 questions