Pegasystems PEGACPSA23V1 Certified Pega System Architect 23 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Timesheets require the following approvals:

Regular 40 hours -> Supervisor of employee

Any overtime -> Manager of Supervisor

Worked on weekend -> VP Finance

Negative time-off balance -> HR Director

Which two conditions require an authority matrix? (Choose two.)

Answer : C, D

An authority matrix in Pega is used to manage complex decision-making processes that depend on various levels of organizational authority:

C . Any overtime -> Manager of Supervisor. This condition involves hierarchical decision-making where approval authority escalates beyond the immediate supervisor, making it appropriate for an authority matrix to define and automate the approval paths based on the organizational structure.

D . Regular 40 hours -> Supervisor of Employee. Although this appears straightforward, using an authority matrix helps in organizations where different supervisors might have varying levels of authority based on departmental rules or other factors, thus standardizing the approval process across diverse units.

Question 2

In which two situations is it appropriate to use a decision table? (Choose two.)

Answer : A, C

Decision tables in Pega are best used for scenarios where multiple conditions determine the outcome:

A . A dance studio recommends a membership type based on the number and type of dance classes the customer wants to attend every month. This situation is suitable for a decision table because it involves evaluating various combinations of conditions (number and type of classes) to determine a specific outcome (membership type).

C . If customers decide to add insurance, checked bags, or early boarding to their airline tickets, extra fees are added to their order total. This is another appropriate use for a decision table as it requires a straightforward assessment of conditions (additional services selected) to calculate added fees, making the process clear and manageable through a decision table

Question 3

Your online shopping application serves international customers. You need to define a Data Page that holds currency exchange rates. All users accessing the application need to use the information.

The Scope of this Data Page should be set to____.

Answer : A

To define the scope of a Data Page that holds currency exchange rates for all users:

A . Application. Setting the scope of the Data Page to Application ensures that the exchange rates are maintained consistently across all users and sessions, without duplicating data for each user, node, or requestor. This is particularly effective for data like currency exchange rates that are universal and do not change from user to user within the same application runtime.

Question 4

You want your application to have consistent styling across portals. You want the background color of all buttons in your application to be blue. You want the background color of the buttons to be easily updated in case corporate branding changes. Which attribute do you modify to set the background color?

Answer : A

To set and later update the background color of all buttons in an application:

A . The application skin. The skin rule in Pega is designed to define and control the visual style of UI elements across an application. By modifying the button styles within the application skin, you can set the background color for all buttons and easily update it as needed without altering each button individually. This centralizes style management and ensures consistency across all portals.

Question 5

You want to unit test a rule. To ensure that the rule executes as intended, you need to populate the clipboard with valid dat

a. Which two options allow you to populate the clipboard before testing the rule? (Choose Two)

Answer : C, D

To populate the clipboard with valid data before testing a rule:

C . Run a data transform to create the test page. Data transforms are used to set up or alter data pages and clipboard pages, making them ideal for configuring the necessary test environment by establishing the required data structures and values.

D . Copy data from an existing clipboard page. Utilizing existing data by copying it to the test page allows for a quick and efficient way to prepare for unit testing, ensuring that the data used is representative of real-case scenarios.

Question 6

You create an application for employees to submit timesheets. Employees enter work, vacation, and sick time for a particular week. On the entry form, employees see a summary of the total hours entered. After the employee submits the timesheet, the application displays remaining vacation and sick time for the employee. To configure the form where users enter hours, select the best configuration option to calculate the total hours for the week.

Answer : B

To automatically calculate the total hours worked, including vacation and sick time, on a timesheet entry form:

B . Use declarative processing. When the value of any work, vacation, or sick time changes, the total hours change. Declarative processing in Pega is ideal for this situation as it allows the total hours to automatically update whenever the constituent values change. This approach ensures real-time accuracy and reduces the need for manual recalculations or procedural coding.

Question 7

You configure an application to allow users to download a mobile app. When users select one of the three supported platforms (Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile), the application opens a new window pointing to the appropriate app store. How do you configure this behavior?

Answer : A

To configure an application that allows users to download a mobile app by selecting a platform and then directing them to the appropriate app store:

A . Add a button for each platform and configure an action set for each button. In each action set, specify a click event and add an action that opens the vendor's URL in a window. This method allows distinct actions to be set for each platform button, providing direct and relevant responses to the user's choice. Each button's action set specifically targets the corresponding platform's store URL, ensuring users are directed correctly based on their selection.

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