Pegasystems PEGAPCDS86V1 Pega Certified Data Scientist (PCDS) 86V1 Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

When selecting the list of predictors for an adaptive model you should

Answer : D

Question 2

What are two results of an Adaptive Model? (Choose Two)

Answer : B, D

Question 3

The Adaptive Model component in a strategy computes

Answer : C

Question 4

An online store is interested in increasing its revenues from cross-selling and wants to predict the acceptance rate of the offers presented on their website.

A customer's propensity to accept an offer increases when___________________. .

Answer : B

Question 5

Which Adaptive Model output is automatically mapped to a strategy property?

Answer : B

Question 6

A company wants to simulate decisions that requires large amounts of dat

a. However, the organisation's live data is inaccessible. Your advice is to use a Monte Carlo data set.

The Monte Carlo method________________

Answer : A

Question 7

evidence an assessment of its viability, the Adaptive Model produces three outputs: Propensity, Performance and

What is evidence in the context of an Adaptive Model?

Answer : D

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Total 51 questions