PeopleCert IASSC Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt IASSC Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A ______________ is a graphical presentation of sample data that shows the number of times that a data point is a specific number.

Answer : B

Question 2

Process Capability is defined based on customer requirements, defect free performance and output over time.

Answer : A

Question 3

The RPN or Risk Priority Number is used to rank the various Failure Modes as to their impact on the output of the subject process.

Answer : A

Question 4

If a set of data is generally centered relative to the targeted value but is rather widely disbursed it would be said to be _____________.

Answer : B

Question 5

The purpose of ________________ is to analyze data and present it in a way we can make informed decisions as to what is happening in our process.

Answer : B

Question 6

The ''Equipment'' category of Root Causes on a Fishbone Diagram would be used primarily used to generate ideas as to which of the following are possible causes for defects?

Answer : D

Question 7

As we attempt to find a commonality of terms to assess the performance of a broad range of processes we use a key metric called the DPMO which stands for __________________________?

Answer : C

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Total 120 questions