Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A request was made to import a spreadsheet of new Campaign Members. He system administrator started Data import Wizard but the Campaign Members object was unavailable as a choice. What is causing as a choice.

What is causing this occur?

Question 2

Cloud Kicks would like to reassign ownership of all leads that are open and more than 60 days old. The system administrator has written an assignment rule to distribute these leads to the correct owners or queues.

Which two tools should the administrator use to update the owner of these leads?

Choose 2 answers

Question 3

Cloud Kicks users report receiving an "Apex CPU time limit exceeded" error message when attempting to close certain opportunity records. This does not occur on every opportunity record change or for every user.

What is the recommended method for the administrator to identify the cause?

Question 4

Cloud Kicks uses a dashboard with multiple components based on Account, Case, and Opportunity reports. The system administrator adds a dashboard filter on Account Owner. When filtering the dashboard by Account Owner, records are now missing from several Opportunity components.

What is the recommended way for the system administrator to resolve this issue?

Question 5

When an Account has more than five open opportunities over US$10,000, the sales rep should have an option on the Account page to start the escalation process to allocate additional resources.

Which two configurations should the administrator create?

Choose 2 answers

Question 6

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) wants to identify customers that need to install a new solar panel monitor system it recently released. UMS tracks the installed products as Asset records that art related to the Account. Sales management has asked the administrator to create a report for users.

What is the recommended method for the administrator to meet the requirement?

Question 7

DreamHouse Realty wants better insights into potential revenue in the next quarter and is considering using Collaborative Forecasts.

What should the administrator consider when setting up Collaborative Forecasts?

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