Salesforce ADX261 Administer and Maintain Service Cloud Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

A recent analysis of cases at Cloud Kicks (CK) revealed a high percentage of simple cases, such as password resets and order inquiries. CK wants to provide customer self-service via web, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

What should the consultant recommend to handle the new cases?

Answer : B

For handling a high volume of simple cases such as password resets and order inquiries across multiple channels, implementing Einstein Bots is recommended. Bots can automate responses to these common inquiries, providing self-service options for customers and reducing the case load on human agents.

Question 2

To help service agents more accurately respond to a new case, Universal Containers wants a list of relevant Knowledge articles

displayed on the Case record page.

How should a consultant configure this requirement?

Answer : B

To assist service agents in finding relevant Knowledge articles for new cases, adding the Knowledge component to the Case record page in the Lightning Service Console is recommended. This component dynamically suggests articles based on case details, aiding agents in providing accurate and efficient responses.

Question 3

Universal Containers wants to let its customers interact in real time with support agents from their computers and mobile


Which feature should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

Answer : B

To enable real-time interaction between customers and support agents from computers and mobile devices, implementing an Einstein Chat Bot is recommended. Chatbots provide an immediate, interactive communication channel that can escalate complex issues to live agents, enhancing the customer support experience across devices.

Question 4

Cloud Kicks frequently works with distribution partners who have complex issues that need immediate attention. To solve the issues, Tier 2 support often needs to engage other teams within the organization. The team uses Slack to communicate internally.

Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet the needs of the organization?

Answer : C

For addressing complex issues requiring immediate attention and collaboration across multiple teams, recommending the swarming approach, particularly facilitated through Slack for Service, is advised. Swarming enables cross-functional teams to come together quickly to solve issues, leveraging collective expertise and improving resolution times for complex cases.

Question 5

A customer submitted a case that is routed to a service desk agent at Universal Containers. After the agent responds to the case, they realize the customer is ineligible for support.

Which solution should the consultant recommend to prevent this scenario from happening in the future?

Answer : B

To prevent agents from responding to cases from customers who are ineligible for support, adding the related Contact's Entitlement related list to the Case Lightning Record Page is recommended. This allows agents to quickly verify the customer's entitlement to support before proceeding with case resolution, ensuring compliance with support policies.

Question 6

Universal Containers is initiating a program to improve customer satisfaction. As part of the program, customers must be surveyed after the case is closed to ensure the customer is satisfied and the issue has been resolved.

Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

Answer : C

To survey customers for satisfaction after case closure, utilizing Flow Builder to automate the sending of survey emails is recommended. This solution allows for the creation of a customized workflow that triggers an email survey to the customer once a case is marked as closed, ensuring timely feedback collection and aiding in the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Question 7

A consultant has been hired to integrate a client's phone system with Salesforce.

What should the consultant consider using for this integration?

Answer : A

When integrating a client's phone system with Salesforce, using the Service Cloud Call Center (also known as Salesforce Call Center) is recommended. This feature facilitates the integration of telephony systems with Salesforce, enabling agents to manage calls directly within the Service Cloud interface, enhancing efficiency and providing a unified customer service experience.

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