Salesforce ANC-301 Implement and Manage CRM Analytics Exam Practice Test

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Question 1

Universal Containers is evaluating the connection mode for the objects in their local Salesforce connector. They want to only sync updated and new records from the Order object, but they have some formula fields on the object and want to ensure those are updated weekly.


Which connection mode is best suited for this purpose?

Answer : A

Question 2

A consultant is creating a Churn Prediction model to identify customers who are not likely to renew their contract.

What is the appropriate action to take?

Answer : C

Question 3

Your sales team requests that datasets for their dashboards are refreshed every hour. You agree to investigate if this is possible and find that the dashboards use A datasets created from two recipes. The first recipe takes 43 min to run and the second recipe takes 25 min to run.

Is it possible to refresh data every hour?

Answer : B

Question 4

A customer is reviewing a story that is set to maximize the daily sales quantity of consumer products in stores, and the customer sees chart related to promotional activities and to San Francisco specifically.

What conclusion can be drawn from this insight?

What conclusion can be drawn from this Insight?

Answer : B

Question 5

A consultant has created a story to maximize the daily sales quantity of consumer products in stores. After creating a story, the consulting is presented with this data alert by Einstein Discovery (see graphic).

What are two appropriate actions to take?

Choose 2 answers

Answer : A, C

Question 6

A Tableau CRM consultant is asked to add a new SalesTax field to a Product Sales dataset. The formula to calculate SalesTax is (SubTotal'CountyTax).

Which node should the consultant use in a recipe to calculate and insert SalesTax to the dataset?

Answer : B

Question 7

A Tableau CRM consultant has created three recipes that each produce a dataset.

Recipe1 creates Dataset1.

Recipe2 created Dataset2.

Recipe2 created Dataset3.

Recipe3 is dependent on Dataset1, while Recipe1 and Recipe2 have no dependencies.

How should the consultant implement the recipe schedule?

Answer : A

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Total 242 questions